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81 years old blues legend, Buddy Guy announced a new album, "The Blues Is Alive and Well," to be released June 15 via Silvertone/RCA Records.

New album produced by longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge features guest appearances from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and James Bay.

To pre-order new album and more on Buddy Guy, visit official website


1. A Few Good Years
2. Guilty As Charged
3. Cognac (featuring Jeff Beck and Keith Richards)
4. The Blues Is Alive and Well
5. Bad Day
6. Blue No More (featuring James Bay)
7. Whiskey for Sale
8. You Did the Crime (featuring Mick Jagger)
9. Old Fashioned
10. When My Day Comes
11. Nine Below Zero
12. Ooh Daddy
13. Somebody Up There
14. End of the Line