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Kotaro Oshio
Kotaro Oshio was born in Osaka, Japan on February 1st, 1968. Oshio took the challenge of mastering a steel-string acoustic guitar in a highly unique style. It was Oshio’s strong desire to bring out the maximum capacity of an acoustic guitar that impelled him to boldly employ various techniques such as open tuning and tapping.

Oshio also made a stunning debut at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2002. Not only did he amaze the audience with his solo performance, but he was also invited to the jam session with BB King in the main hall.

Twice at Montreux Jazz Festival was just not enough to satisfy Oshio's desire as a live performer. In love with the beautiful site and people, he's returning to the festival once again in July 2004, for three years in a row.

Website: www.kotaro-oshio.com


Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings HD 03:56 Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings HD
Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings 03:56 Kotaro Oshio - Brand New Wings
Kotaro Oshio - Happy Island 03:54 Kotaro Oshio - Happy Island
Kotaro Oshio - Chaser HD 04:36 Kotaro Oshio - Chaser HD
Kotaro Oshio - Space Fantasy 03:58 Kotaro Oshio - Space Fantasy
Oshio Kotaro - Indigo Love 03:46 Oshio Kotaro - Indigo Love

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